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Bale Art

We are having a go at making a camel out of bales for the Weetabix bale art competition. The idea was kindly supplied by our resident sculptor, Peter Brown Hopefully it will have two humps but I am not sure if we can achieve exact camelid type proportions with our bales.

As bales only come in large blocks, although they can be shaped with a chain saw so long as the band is not cut, the number of shapes that can be made are somewhat limited. I had no ideas at all but Peter kindly found inspiration form a picture aof a lego camel. We hope to construct this during the first weekend of open studios 2/3 October 2009.

This ties up two of the now many facets of Cold Harbour Farm by making a link between art and farming.

We do not need to bale as much straw as we used to because reduced animal numbers means less bedding is required. It is usually chopped to return the nutrients to the soil although this year we did sell one field of straw. Not needing to bale and cart all the straw makes harvest much shorter and allows us to get started on autumn cultivations sooner.


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