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Pea Drilling is Completed

The Green pea Company has just finished drilling 10,000 hectares of land with peas for Birds Eye .

This operation took 10 weeks and has used 15 tractors and drills which were all satellite controlled for accuracy.  The drilling of the crop was organised so that fields will be ready to harvest sequentially and will not all ripen at once.

At Cold Harbour Farm we have 43 Hectares of this total which the pigeons are currently enjoying feasting upon when given an opportunity.

The area covered  from Caenby Corner to Sledmere and from the East coast to Selby and they are all destined for the Birds Eye factory in Hull. The planned start of harvest is 7th June, the earliest on record.  Up till last weekend most areas have recorded less than 20mm of rain since 27 Feb.

Nathan drilling at Molescroft

This is Nathan drilling peas near Beverley in typically dry conditions.  The yellow globe on the top of the tractor provides the link to the satellite so that his hands are not on the steering wheel while the tractor is going straight across the field.  This gives him the freedom to check the correct operation of the drill while driving along.  He still has to manually turn the tractor round between runs.


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