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Stone carving weekends

Peter our resident stone carver has been organising stone carving weekends for a couple of years now. He provides all the necessary tools and materials as well as lunch and a constant stream of tea and coffee  to aid the creative processes.
It is possible, in the two days of the course for a complete beginner to create a successful stone carving.

The next class is on 5 and 6 May 2012 with further ones planned for 9/10 June, 7/8 July, 11/12 Aug, and 8/9 September.
The price for the two days is £80 so contact Peter for more details on We can suggest some lovely B and Bs in our local town of Beverley or more rural locations.

Come and have a go! I did and carved an owl.


Peter is currently working on a commission for the sensory garden at Burton Agnes.


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How It All Started

About four years ago we came to the sad conclusion that we were not making enough money from the time and effort we were putting in to our pig and dairy herds. Continuing disease problems coming out of the Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak at the begining of the century together with the high cost of feed was the problem with our pig enterprise. The low price of milk coupled with labour problems finished our dairy herd.

Once all the animals had gone the farm was very quiet and sad. Our traditional farm buildings were still in good repair and were great for calving a cow or housing a poorly pig but were totally unsuitable for modern arable agriculture.

The problem of what to do with them was solved by an advert which I saw in the Beverley Guardian. Artist requires studio to rent. This was the start of Calf House Studios.

The artist in question was Peter Brown. He was an advertising executive who was relocating in Beverley and wanted a studio to rent for his stone carving business. From his studio at the farm he creates tactile and beautiful stone sculptures to his own designs or for comissions. It proved to be the ideal location for artists. A friend who was looking to restart her art career soon followed with her wonderful acrylic paintings. One thing led to another and we now have seven resident artists. They all teach as well as creating their own work.

We were able to turn our weakness, remote quiet location with poor internet service into a strength as this was what the artists wanted to help develop their careers.

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