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Cold Harbour Farm A Timeline

Cold Harbour Farm                  A Timeline

1086                Bishop Burton mentioned in the Domesday book

1680                The first Dunning is mentioned in the parish records

1769                Enclosures started in the Parish

1815                The corn laws were passed. Grain imports were heavily taxed so the price of grain rises.

1825                Thomas Almack was the tenant at Cold Harbour farm

1846                Repeal of the corn laws. The price of grain falls

1849                John Ward Chatterton was tenant, he committed suicide in 1856.

1858                Mrs Chatterton carried on the tenancy and married Francis Johnson of Skirlaugh

1861                25 people lived in Cold Harbour Farmhouse

1864                Francis Johnson suffered a fire, one of several due to social unrest caused by low wages, high prices, and the Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834

1884                New farm buildings built

1887                Daniel Dunning becomes tenant of Cold Harbour

1921                Edgar Dunning becomes tenant at Cold Harbour

1942                John Dunning returns from WWII to take over from his father

1951                Mains water laid on to the farm

1952                Started milking 20 Ayrshire heifers

1954                Pig unit started with 20 sows

1959                Purchased first tractor driven combine harvester

1965                Bought Cold Harbour Farm from the Bishop Burton estate for £75 per acre

1968                Programme of tree planting started  

1983                Paul and Heather join the farm partnership

1984                The roadside plantation was blown down by a January gale. A shed roof ended up in a field

2001                Foot and Mouth disease outbreak. No animal movements were allowed.

2007                First artist arrives at Calf House Studios

2008                Dairy herd sold.Image,


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Good News

I got the chance to go in to Radio Humberside today to talk to Burnsey on his morning show. To prepare for this I asked our artists for their news and such a lot of exciting stuff came in that I felt the need to put it all together in one place. Obviously there was no time to mention it all on the radio.
For a general point to start us off we now must be contributing substantially to the local economy. We now attract customers from all over the country to the farm studios and they stay in the area using local facilities for food drink, overnight stays, partners coming with them needing entertainment etc.
Starting with Tracey our silver metal clay artist who is hosting a masterclass in her studio for the next 5 days with an american tutor, Lisa Barth. It can again be classed as an ecostudio as the sun will be powering her kilns today. The subject for today and tomorrow is leather cuffs and then there will be three days on mounting stones. These classes attract the leading workers in silver metal clay from the UK and sometimes as far as the continent.
Graham, who paints in watercolours and oils has been very busy giving lessons in painting. When he has any spare time he has been doing commissions. There are two he is working on at the moment, one is destined for Southampton and the other for Alabama so we have strong American connections.
Lynnda Worsnop is again running her innovative 24 hour One Stamp project again. This will take place during the weekend of 13/14 April when she will use one of her designs in as many unique ways as possible. This is run in conjunction with her blog and website so that by using the virtual world she turns this in to a world wide event. You can follow this at
Peter Brown, our founder member and stonecarver has just accepted a commission from the Bradford Royal Infirmary Dementia project. he has also been accepted for the Art and Healing Exhibition in London which takes place this June.
Ali Brice, the ceramacist has work on display in two exhibitions at the moment. Close to home she is in Creation Fine Arts, together with other members of the Northern Potters until 21 April. She also has work at the Ropewalk, Barton on Humber in an East Riding Artists exhibition called Twists and Turns.
John Denton has now been elected a master photographer. This is a prestigious award and especially so because he was voted in to this position by his fellow photographers. He has been very busy running courses all over England as well as Ireland, Scotland and Eastern Europe.
Debbie March has been selling well in galleries such as Wolds Village, Bainton, Art and Rose Pocklington, Gallery 49 and Creation Fine Arts. She has also been working on some unusual comissions.
Our latest recruit, Claire West is working hard towards a solo exhibition at Artlink on Princes Avenue in Hull on 10 May. She can also be seen at the moment in the Ferens Gallery in Hull.

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