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Slum to Studio

At Cold Harbour Farm we are blessed with a unique set of farm buildings which are still in use today. Our family has been farming here since 1889 so we have some knowledge of the uses of the buildings during that time.

The building on the South West corner was originally used as a saddle store and `slum`. The farm workmen would all board with the Foremans wife in the house next to the farmhouse. They all slept in the lads bedroom which has a separate staircase leading directly from the large kitchen/living room. When we restored the house the wooden staircase was well worn by the passage of workmen in their boots and we had to renew the steps.

Although the men lived in the house there was nowhere for them to sit in the evening after they had finished their meal. If they were not working they would spend their nights in the slum sitting in decrepit arm chairs or on a settle there. There was a fireplace, but with 2 outside walls, a door and a window I doubt it ever got very snug in there.

By the door there are several carved initials. 

AA was Alf Adamson who worked with us as fifth lad. This was a junior role so he would come last in the hierarchy and sit at the bottom of the dining table, at the opposite end to the foreman. He would also have the worst horses to work with. He played in the village cricket team while he was with us and would always have a bath in the horse water trough before playing a match.



Tommy Waslin also carved his initials. These are dated 1946. The junior men would probably only stay a year before moving to another farm for a more senior position.

ImageThis building has not been renovated on the inside and the remains of the chimney can still be seen.

It is now used as a stone carving studio by Peter Brown, the first artist to move into the farm buildings.




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Pea Drilling is Completed

The Green pea Company has just finished drilling 10,000 hectares of land with peas for Birds Eye .

This operation took 10 weeks and has used 15 tractors and drills which were all satellite controlled for accuracy.  The drilling of the crop was organised so that fields will be ready to harvest sequentially and will not all ripen at once.

At Cold Harbour Farm we have 43 Hectares of this total which the pigeons are currently enjoying feasting upon when given an opportunity.

The area covered  from Caenby Corner to Sledmere and from the East coast to Selby and they are all destined for the Birds Eye factory in Hull. The planned start of harvest is 7th June, the earliest on record.  Up till last weekend most areas have recorded less than 20mm of rain since 27 Feb.

Nathan drilling at Molescroft

This is Nathan drilling peas near Beverley in typically dry conditions.  The yellow globe on the top of the tractor provides the link to the satellite so that his hands are not on the steering wheel while the tractor is going straight across the field.  This gives him the freedom to check the correct operation of the drill while driving along.  He still has to manually turn the tractor round between runs.

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